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meet Leanne

Full of compassion and committed to serving others, with her feet grounded in nature and a heart wide open to life's endless lessons, she embodies the true spirit of a lifelong learner. Leanne knows that life isn't always to be taken so seriously—embracing playfulness as a vital ingredient through her journey. With her inner child is her co-pilot, she ensures that every dance move and heartfelt conversation is infused with a sense of fun and wonder. As a dedicated nurse, she knows the invaluable importance of health and well-being, not just in body but in mind and spirit. Guided by her belief in the transformative potential of manifestation and her skill in effective communication, Leanne combines her deep listening skills with lived wisdom to envision and facilitate meaningful change in the lives of others.


Originally from Long Island, NY. I began my career in healthcare when I graduated from Nursing School in December 2018 and  completed my emergency room nurse residency in March of 2020—just in time for the onset of the global pandemic. This early challenge completely shaped my approach to my role as a professional nurse and my overall well-being. 


To prevent burnout during these intense times, I immersed myself in a holistic lifestyle, balancing the rigors of the ER with my yoga practice, quality time in nature, and a balanced, nutritious diet. I also joined the Holistic Council at my hospital where I was inspired to become a Nurse Coach through the Integrative Nurse Coach Academy.  This course revealed a side of the nursing profession that truly felt in alignment with who I am and gave me the skills & tools I needed to share this type of healing with the world. 


Shortly after I graduated I advanced and became Board Certified as a Nurse Coach while simultaneously beginning my first assignment as an ER Travel Nurse in California. This role provided me with many skills & autonomy as an RN but also the time and freedom to deepen my yoga practice. 


In June of 2023, I ventured to Lake Atitlan, Guatemala to complete a 200-hour intensive yoga teacher training program through the Kula Collective. This was an incredibly transformative experience that truly enhanced my life. Now, as a Certified Holistic Nurse Coach and Yoga Teacher, I’m thrilled to offer a unique blend of healthcare and mindfulness practices to those seeking transformation of the mind, body & soul. 

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