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Integrative Insight + Flow

The Art of Nurse Coaching and Yoga

Service Description

Welcome to a space of mindful exploration and embodiment with a 90-minute Integrative Insight + Flow session. This nurturing & empowering experience begins with the art of nurse coaching, where deep listening and powerful questioning help unveil your health objectives, lifestyle desires & dreams. During this reflective dialogue, you'll gain the skills and tools necessary for achieving a balanced, holistic lifestyle through effective goal-setting. The session will then transition into a guided personalized yoga flow intentionally crafted to resonate with your individual insights and aspirations based off of our session. This somatic practice serves to integrate, process & potentially enhance your commitment to your wellness goals. This multi-faceted approach provides you with the self-awareness & motivation necessary for ongoing health improvement and promotion. It's not simply about setting intentions; it's about enriching your life with the skills and tools to truly embody them, fortifying your overall health and well-being.

Contact Details

  • Long Island, New York, USA

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