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Transform with Ease & Joy

through mindfulness, deep listening & yoga 

the intention

Welcome to Evolutionary Bliss, where your journey toward holistic health and transformative well-being gently unfolds. Inspired by Margaret Newman's groundbreaking theory of 'Health as Expanding Consciousness,' my approach profoundly reimagines what it means to be healthy.  

Dandelion Parachute Seed


Leanne, an experienced registered nurse has navigated the complexities and demands of the emergency room, becoming highly skilled for prompt, compassionate interventions. During her 4 years at the stretcher side in various ER’s,  she deeply began to  understand the profound need for health education, guided support and preventive medicine at a community level. This realization in addition to post pandemic burnout,  led her to Integrative Nurse Coaching, advancing her career towards Holistic Health. Her mission? To guide individuals with the knowledge and practices to better support their overall health and well-being to potentially prevent visits in an acute care setting.  Dive into her journey and explore how these worlds beautifully intertwine.



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